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Social Media in the Enterprise in London on March 15

Next week is going to be very busy for anyone interested in the future of business.  You know that Social Media in the Enterprise is one of my key topics.  Last June I spoke at the Corporate Social Networking Conference on the business case.   The next incarnation of that conference comes back to London next week, although it's one of 4 conference streams of a 2 day event with associated exhibitions and workshops at Olympia on Monday and Tuesday, March 15 & 16.  The other three streams are the Social Media World Forum, the Social TV Forum, and Mobile Social Media.  

The Social Business Summit - special offer for BTZ readers

Here's news of a special offer for readers of Business Two Zero.  I've always supported SOMESSO events since speaking at their first one in Zurich back in 2008.  SOMESSO stands for social media espresso - it's a strong, fast hit of social media for the corporate world.  Every event so far has had top notch speakers and impressive companies and practitioners in the audience, resulting in some great discussions and conversations.  Their next event is in London next week on Thursday, March 18, organized in conjunction with my friends at Headshift (now part of the Dachis Group).  This one is positioned as a one day Social Business Summit, and even the title will spark some discussion.  Jeff Dachis will speak on how far we've come, and the impact of social tools in business to date.  My friend JP Rangaswami will then talk about where we are going, and how the socially-calibrated business of the future might operate.   The rest of the day will involve more discussion on where we might be headed, along with case studies on use of social media for collaboration internally, externally for marketing, support and connecting to the ecosystem.  ...

2.0 Adoption Warfare - can military tactics help?

A few weeks ago, as part of Social Media Week, Alan Patrick and I ran the very well received Social Media in Enterprise event (which we'll run again!).  It provided 8 different perspectives on collaboration in the enterprise using the new tools.  Amongst the many issues raised in a night of some great discussion and excellent follow up blog posts, I see two key themes:
  • A dichotomy between the social media practitioners, like Adriana Lukas, who think the only way to make this stuff work is a bottom up, guerrilla warfare style approach, versus those of us (including me) who see that way can be perfectly  effective, but believe a top down, old fashioned approach to implementation with senior executive sponsorship can work just as well or better.
  • The fact that we all talked about organizational hierarchy and culture as a major factor, and that these tools subvert the "natural" command and control management structures that most big  corporations have, and which many of our newer companies grow up to adopt.   The new tools are overlaying  a network centric communication approach, which is beginning to flatten the organization and ...

Social Media in the Enterprise - event report pt 2 of 2

Yesterday I blogged part 1 of my report on the Social Media in the Enterprise event that Alan Patrick and I cooked up (at Tuttle) to inject some enterprise related content in to this week's "London Social Media Week".  We had 8 speakers (originally 10, but Will McInnes of NixonMcInnes had travel problems, and Dr Shefaly Yogendra came down with a migraine).   Most "Enterprise 2.0" and "Social Media" events these days tend to cover social media for consumers, B2C marketing to consumers, and even for government services to "consumers" with the majority of the speakers being marketing and media types.  We hear far less about the application of these tools by Enterprises to re-engineer themselves,, or their use in the B2B value chain, or how they are being used to create sustainable business value.

When we do hear about enterprise use, we don't see much about the difficult stuff  - how to integrate to existing heritage systems, how to handle security issues, or whether a flat social network structure can work in a firm with a traditional hierarchy.  You don't usually get presented with any hard evidence of the potential Return on Investment.  Each ...

Social Media in the Enterprise - event report pt 1 of 2

I blogged that Alan Patrick and I were running the only enterprise related event as part of this week's "London Social Media Week".  Considering we only had the idea a week last Friday at Tuttle, and only promoted the thing with a few tweets, I'm both impressed and surprised that we had around 50 attendees (paying £10 entrance fee to cover coffee, booze and nibbles) and 8 speakers at last night's event.  The attendance, and the fact that people were volunteering and making themselves available to come and talk, speaks volumes for the demand to hear about applying these new emergent tools to business, as well as an appetite to understand the organisational implications.   We already have plans for follow on events and activities.  

So this is a two part report.  Part 1 covers my own pitch on the night, and a video podcast of Dennis Howlett, that we finished but didn't manage to show at the event.  Part 2 will report on the other 7 speakers and some conclusions about the 8 different views on offer.

During yesterday afternoon Dennis skyped from Spain and suggested that we should record a video podcast for part of my session.  I'm .. ...

Social Media in Enterprises - the Elephant in the Ecosystem

What is it?

As our contribution to London Social Media Week we are putting on Social Media in Enterprises on Tuesday Feb 2nd from 6 till 9pm at the Cass Business School in London (map is over here). Why? Well, at Tuttle last Friday Alan Patrick and I realised that there was no event for the more B2B (Business to Business) and value chain based aspects of Enterprise/Business aspects of Social Media. This is the "Elephant in the Ecosystem" - a huge arena, but hard to get your head around easily and see clearly. So, being us, we decided to put one on - and this is it! The aim of this event is to look at this unmentioned "Elephant in the Ecosystem" from lots of angles, so we may get a better view of what it is. So, what we thought we would talk about is how Social Media can be used by: - Enterprises: How can use it internally to re-engineer themselves, - Supply and Value Chains: How does it restructure a B2B value chain, which can be complex and global - How to create sustainable business value, not an easy to replicate one-off. Also, we want to touch on the Hard Stuff that is brushed under the carpet, for example:

  • how to integrate into existing heritage ...