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Dachis Business Summit - you know, the Social one!

P1000629Now look.  I have a real problem with the term "Social Business" as it's being used by Dachis and IBM and others.  However, let me put that to one side for another post later this week, but it's a thread that starts here and runs through my thoughts on the London edition of the Dachis Social Business Summit that Lee Bryant kindly invited me to this week.  The venue (awesome architecture), agenda, speakers, food and organisation were all set at a very high standard, with the sole negative of conference wifi that didn't work.  It's a social media conference.  It's obvious that the majority of attendees are going to turn up with Macs, PCs, iPads and smart phones and want to live blog and tweet.  When are venues and conference organizers going to realize that their normal bandwidth just won't cut it for us enterprise 2.0, social media types?  (Rant over, on with normal programming.)

For me the conference highlights were the opening two sessions from JP Rangaswami ('s Chief Scientist) and John Hagel (Director of Deloitte and authour of The Power of pull).  JP's  "Nature Doesn't Do SLA's" used Zen style slides - small white . ...

Social Media Week London - more out than in

Social Media WeekEarlier this month, starting February 7, Social Media Week ran in 9 cities, with plenty of events running in London.  I watched some of the live streams from Likeminds based events that sounded very good in terms of content although they hit some broadcast problems, kept in touch via the Twitter hashtag and then I dipped in in person on Friday 11.   The networking and meeting friends was excellent, but the content was variable.  My impression of the week was too heavy an emphasis on outward facing social media marketing, social networking and influencing but very little on how social media tools can help organisations do better or teams work more effectively.  In my opinion that emphasis needs to change. Too much fluffy social media marketing and not enough about getting things done.

I started at Talk Talk, with an event explaining the business of blogging. The event had Andy Bargery of  Klaxon Marketing and founder of London Bloggers Meetup providing top tips for business blogging success (@andybargery on Twitter), Lucy Payne from Pass It On Media talking about blogger outreach and blogger engagement (@lucypayne) and Phil Szomszor of  ...

On Twitter I'm 4 years old

My Tweetdeck todayBack on Valentine's day 2007 I signed up to this weird short messaging thing that posted your status updates on a web page and sent them as SMS messages to your mobile phone - it was called Twitter.  At that stage it had been going for almost a year very quietly somewhere - Jack Dorsey actually sent the first tweet on a service then called twttr on 21 March 2006 with it launching publicly in July 2006  (although contrary to popular belief, Twitter was invented in 1935).

At the start of 2007 it was a best kept secret, and didn't even start as a separate company until April of that year.  I was early enough to grab a 2 character ID, my normal nickname in business, DT.  Those few of us that were cool enough to have heard about it then were the social media early adopters who usually signed up to any and every new web 2.0 service and tried to figure out if it was useful.  Twitter didn't really begin to take off until a few months later when two big plasma screens were set up displaying Twitter as the official backchannel at South by South West 2007 (SxSW).  From that point user take up really began to spread.

A year ago Twitter users were sending ...

Twitter is 4 today

A few months back on the 19th of November 2009 NESTA, as part of their Silicon Valley comes to the UK  sequence of events, televised a discussion called "Social Media: A Force for Good?".  The panel was  our very own national treasure, actor, QI master and twitterphile  Stephen Fry, Biz Stone the Founder and Chief Executive of Twitter, and Reid Hoffman the Founder and Chief Executive of LinkedIn (you can see what they said below).  The proceedings were moderated by NESTA's own Chief Executive Jonathan Kestenbaum,  and in his introduction he said:
"It feels like there was never a world before Twitter"
Well 4 years ago today, this was the first ever tweet from Jack Dorsey (via Mashable):

As Biz Stone alludes to in the NESTA session, the idea of using some form of SMS messaging between groups came out of a brainstorming session while they were all working on something else that was going so well for ODEO.  At first they dropped the vowels from the name in common with a trend  for web 2.0 services started by Flickr.   Today four years ago was when they started testing....

Social CRM - the new rules

There are changes underway across the worlds of social media marketing, social media applied inside business (what some people would call enterprise 2.0) and  where these tools connect (or not) to the business processes in (Cloud based) CRM and ERP systems.   Products like Salesforce are adding Chatter, and Twitter connectivity.  Enterprise 2.0 tools that started as wikis or forums are adding micro-blogging along with more and more social functionality.  Content Management Systems are adding or acquiring a social dimension.  Marketing departments are struggling with, or looking for tools to help with, brand  reputation monitoring and management.  One significant segment of this change just got much clearer with Altimeter Group's R “Ray” Wang and Jeremiah Owyang producing Social CRM: The New Rules of Relationship Management.

R told the Enterprise Irregulars earlier this morning that this report is the culmination of 6 months of research, collaboration, hours of white boarding, phone calls, and skype calls in the early morning and on weekends working with an ecosystem of 42 partners.  The document identifies 18 use cases for Social ...

Should you put "guru" or "thought leader" in your Twitter bio?

I'm a Twitter fan from the early days (which is only about 3 years - streuth!).  For me it's a key source of trusted information, a communication mechanism, and an important way for me to extend my various, overlapping networks of interest (amongst several other things).   In recent weeks I've seen tweets from people worrying about those that have "social media guru" in their Twitter bio (there are a lot of them about).  The other morning I was followed  by someone new.  A great tool called Topify sends me an email with their profile, details of how many people they follow and the number who follow them, their bio, links and their last few tweets so that you can make a quick decision on who they are and whether you want to follow back.  This guy had "thought leader" in his bio.  I immediately wondered to the twitterverse whether this was as bad or worse than having the guru thing in your bio.  Here's a selection of some of the responses from the wonderful  people who follow me:  


Thingamy with ESME points to where enterprise 2.0 is heading

Yesterday I got the "lowdown" on how Thingamy, which Sigurd Rinde describes as a "Work Processor", has just been connected to ESME, the microsharing and collaboration platform.  I believe  the combination is a big step forward for Sig's solution, as well as representing one of several approaches that signpost the direction of enterprise 2.0, or enterprise collaboration for 2010.  It's all about linking collaboration to process.  

First let me disclose that, although we don't have a contractual relationship, we're big fans of Thingamy,  we've been playing around with the product for years, and we're on the look out to help and support Sig to find potential clients here in the UK.  Although the basic concept of Thingamy remains the same, the user interface and way you use and deploy the product have steadily improved over time making the product much easier to grasp than when we first met Sig back at the start of 2006.  

So what is Thingamy?  It's a product that addresses all of the things that any organisation does which are NOT  handled by their conventional business process based systems.  Sig calls these Easily Repeatable . ...

Salesforce shows the future of enterprise collaboration - but have they got the branding right?

A month ago on Monday 7 December I was sitting in the London version of the CloudForce2 Partner Summit, and then stricken by a virus overnight, I watched Marc Benioff livestreamed for the 2 hours and 15 minutes of his keynote in the general customer session on the following day.   It sounds like he did a shorter, sharper version than his reported performance at the big Dreamforce show in San Francisco where 19,000 attended.  I've been re-acquainting myself with the Salesforce story, and considering whether my company and our Twinfield colleagues should become part of their partner ecosystem.   The combination of platform, combined with Salesforce applications, and partner applications makes a strong story.  Benioff was emphasizing companies like and Jobpartners who have developed their applications natively using their Cloud technology.  However, the big announcement was their new "Twitter and Facebook" style micro-blogging product and the addition of the Chatter Cloud, alongside the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Custom Cloud in their presentations and messaging.    I'm impressed by the functionality . ...

Connective intelligence on politics and news at #1pound40

Toby Moores doing the intros at #1pound40Last Wednesday was the latest incarnation of Amplified, the network of networks that a group of us started last year, and which has grown and evolved in to a grass roots, non-profit movement of likeminded practitioners in many fields connected together by the social media topic.   The £1.40 Unconference, was hosted in excellent surroundings at Reuters HQ at Canary Wharf and focussed on the power of Twitter applied to the political...


Some people can't believe the value of Twitter

You may know that I'm a big fan and advocate of Twitter and the microsharing concept. Because I follow what's said about the product, this morning I spotted that over on Nerd World, a Time/CNN blog, Lev Grossman can't believe Twitter is winning:
"Why is this still going on? When will market forces and/or cosmic justice weed this useless attention-suck out of the technological gene pool? That's what recessions are for. "

Lev just hasn't been shown ...