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About Business Two Zero - the SAS meets business 2.0
The title of this blog echoes Bravo Two Zero, which is probably the most widely read book about the Special Air Service.  Business Two Zero aims to apply the principles and tactics of the SAS to business in a world of Web 2.0, Software as a Service, Open Source Software, and the other technology innovations that are rapidly changing the way we work.  I hope it's widely read too.  The SAS have a reputation for ruthless efficiency, professionalism and dedication. Before an operation they need good intelligence. During an operation they need to be ready to improvise. Their approach is very careful and systematic, because they want to reduce to a minimum the possibility of civilian casualties.  These are exactly the characteristics you need to succeed in today's complex technology and business environment.   BTZ provides technology, business and new marketing ideas and advice for small and medium businesses, as well as covering cloud based technology for larger enterprises.  Although it's both my personal blog and the D2C blog, we'll have occasional guest contributors too.   We want to demystify all of the latest technology and provide guidance for business people in plain English.

About Me
I come from a background of over 30 years operating in the trenches of the software business, having worked for companies like IBM, Interactive, DataWorks, Indus and CODA.  I speak at events and conferences on both cloud computing and enterprise 2.0 - the application of social media in business.  I'm chairman of the Intellect SaaS Group, on the board of directors of EuroCloud UK and on the governance board of the Cloud Industry Forum.  In addition I'm involved with London Wiki Wednesdays, CreativeCoffee Club and helped start Amplified (the Network of Networks).   

There is a bit more about my professional background over on the D2C website, or you can find out personal stuff about me here or over there. Below is a Wordle cloud of my professional bio.

A long time back Dennis talked me in to taking this personality test. Apparently I'm an Encouraging Inventor. Click here for more detail or hover your mouse over the Personal DNA map (and then afterwards follow the link to go and take the test yourself).

Nicole Mathison got me to take a Myers Briggs test, and I came out ENFJ.  I must find the link and add it here.

The SAS connection
I'm proud to say that my late father was a member of 1 SAS, operating in support of the D-Day landings behind enemy lines in France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany.  If you know anything about the history of the SAS you might be interested to know that he was Colonel Blair "Paddy" Mayne's radio operator during that period. 

About D2C
Our company's philosophy is "think Business, not Technology" - click here to find more about what we do.

I'd be delighted to talk to you, to see what free advice I can pass on, or to arrange to talk in more detail. You can contact me as follows:

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