Back Blogging (again) and Fresh Business Thinking

I just want warn the Internet and social media addicts everywhere that I will be back blogging again on a more regular basis from today.  I've left a big gap since my last post although I've carried on tweeting and RTing snippets and the good stuff - the Twitter community that I follow still gives me the best, filtered access to quality content and ideas from out there.  I've been addicted to Twitter since 14 February 2007 - It seems appropriate that our 5 year love affair started on Valentine's Day!

I haven't been completely absent from publishing blogs as Cloud Advocates started a regular email newsletter called Cloud means Business over on Fresh Business Thinking.  The newsletter goes out to over 70,000 subscribers, and each post goes up on the FBT site too.  I write 2 of the 4 posts each month, and we are just about to publish the 8th edition.  I'll repost some or all of those 16 articles here in the coming weeks, and I'll add links in a side column soon.  As well as that I have half a dozen draft posts languishing in Evernote ready to be completed.  Thank heavens it isn't a blank page....

The thing that finally spurred me back to action was contributing to the cafe discussion sessions on IBM's stand at the Social Business Expo at Olympia yesterday and today.  A full post to follow, but the starting point for each collaboration debate Q&A session, with customers and thought leaders, was the Cluetrain Manifesto.  The moderators would ask questions, each relating back to one of the 95 theses.  I first wrote about Cluetrain back in 2005 at the start of my blogging journey, but the book was published in 1999.  It's amazing how far ahead of its time it was, and every word is just as valid now 13 years later!

I'm not going to make any rash claims about how often I'll be posting.  I marvel at Adrian Pearson and his commitment to post every day coming in to 2012.  However, I'll try and get in to a regular rhythm.  I really hope you join in the conversation, tell me what you think and tell me what I should be writing about.