Beyond Cloud - a series of interviews

A few weeks ago I was invited by Daniel Steeves to kick off his "Beyond Cloud" series of around 15 documentary interviews.  It went live on IntelligentHQ.com and Vimeo yesterday. Daniel is putting these sessions together with IntelligentHQ and Groupe INSEEC London (the French business school).  Daniel's idea is to have a series of video interviews based around the same set of 4 questions to cover the trends, issues and realities of the Cloud landscape from the many different perspectives of the players involved.  I was providing the consultant's perspective, but he will be covering the viewpoint from the very large Cloud provider, the traditional vendor, the SME provider, the Cloud orchestrator, the network provider, the data centre, the Cloud broker, middle-ware provider, orchestrator, security expert, some different styles of SaaS provider, the industry analyst, the business user, the micro business DIY user and the Cloud lawyer.  He's hoping to get some heretics, detractors and realists along with the evangelists and enthusiasts.   At the end of the sequence Daniel is bringing me back so I can interview him with the same 4 questions to wrap up the issues and explain what he's learned from the sequence.  

Daniel's 4 questions are:

Q1: You are here as the (whatever - I was the Cloud Consultant).  Tell us about your role and how your business has changed as a result of today’s cloud computing environment, in terms of both risks and opportunities.

Q2: Why is this big thing different than the last big thing?

Q3: What are your views on regulating the cloud, or the cloud providers, or what sits in the cloud?

Q4: If you accept my premise that the cloud is a delivery vehicle, where is it taking us and what comes next along the way?

So here is my take on why Cloud (and particularly the intersection of the shift to cloud, mobile and social) is so important for all business, how it changes the balance of risk, why its not "just another technology disruption", and where we are headed next.  I hope you enjoy it.  

Beyond Cloud Interview with David Terrar from D2C from IntelligentHQ on Vimeo.
(viewing on an iPad/iPhone? - click link above to watch direct on Vimeo)

Daniel has a number of interviews "in the can" already.  Anyone who is involved with this kind of video will understand how much work goes into the editing and production side beyond filming the raw footage.  He expects to publish at least 1 a week from this point on.
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INSEEC is one of the best known French business schools, with 14,500 students, 38,000 Alumni, located in four French cities ( Paris , Lyon, Chambery and Bordeaux ), as well as Monaco, London, Chicago, and Beijing linking to a network of 200 partner universities offering MSc, MBA and academic exchanges worldwide.  

Daniel Steeves runs Beyond Solutions Limited with a consulting approach that has a lot of overlap with my own.  He provides practical 'real world' advice on technology as an investment, delivering to the corporate view and to business requirements. 

photo courtesy - IntelligentHQ & INSEEC London