Customer service snippets

For some reason my public photos loaded to Flickr weren't appearing in tag searches or RSS feeds from Flickr. I posted a question on the forums and community member wooble explained that my account was set as safe but NIPSA (Not In Public Site Areas), probably because it had been classified before they changed their system a while back. He suggested I correctly mark some of my content as screenshots (because they don't want those to show up in general photo searches) and request Flickr to review my account. I did that and requested a review. I got an automated reply from customer service saying they would hope to respond within 4 days. That's OK, but within 4 minutes I got a mail from Terrance on Flickr customer support who had reviewed my account, and changed me to Public and Safe. Excellent. I was a big Flickr fan before, but now I'm even more impressed.

My friend Alan Ward is about to replace his rusty Mercedes with a new one. He was attending a funeral yesterday in Golders Green, arrived early and had an hour to kill, so headed down the high street with his wife Sally to find a place for a cup of tea. He spotted a Mercedes showroom and went in for a browse. He explained to the sales guy that he was in the market to buy, but definitely wouldn't be buying from this dealership as he lives near Cambridge. In his preamble he mentioned they were really looking for tea, and just dropped in by chance. The sales guy made them at home, gave them the tea, let them have a good look around at the various models, answered questions. This contrasts with experiences Alan had when he was buying before, when BMW salesman weren't interested unless they had the chance of making a sale. He was pro Mercedes and anti BMW before yesterday, but now the brand loyalty has been made stronger. He's also spreading the word when he tells this story.

It just reminded me of the value of going the extra mile and exceeding expectations.