Goodman Jones goes online

Goodman Jones new websiteHere's a bit of an advert.  Today the website we designed and built for London accountants Goodman Jones has gone live.  We're quite proud of the way Glenn, our designer, captured what we intended in the design brief and gave them what they wanted.  They were aiming to have a site that jumped them ahead of their competition, and the rest of the accounting practices they know.  I'll leave it to them to explain how they think we did, and time will tell on what the market thinks.  We're different to most web design companies because we are, first and foremost, a business consultancy that understands the power of the Internet and the importance of design, rather than a design or Internet development company approaching the business issues from the other direction.
Dennis has talked about the new site elsewhere, as we contracted his wordsmith skills to help us hone and improve the content provided by the client.  It was a great collaborative effort all round.   We work with the guys at Tribal Internet in Reading to provide the open source Content Management System (CMS) that drives the site, as well as their web technical know how.  Liz, who's based in Columbia, translated the design in to PHP and HTML code, and then the heavy work on the content, with Philip and Daren from the client, could start.  It aims to be different from the average accountant's site, and is part of GJ's move in to an online strategy to help them win more business.  As well as the new site, they've taken on board Software as a Service (SaaS) based online accounting, a Blog aimed at SMEs, an online support service developed to help their online accounting clients, and a marketing strategy to underpin the new approach.  E-mail marketing and some other ideas will come in to a second phase.  It's great to see a practice moving ahead in such an innovative way. 
We aim to talk through the collaboration process in a podcast that will be published on Dennis's site shortly.  I'd be very interested in people's comments and feedback. 
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