Social Media in Enterprises - the Elephant in the Ecosystem

What is it?

As our contribution to London Social Media Week we are putting on Social Media in Enterprises on Tuesday Feb 2nd from 6 till 9pm at the Cass Business School in London (map is over here). Why? Well, at Tuttle last Friday Alan Patrick and I realised that there was no event for the more B2B (Business to Business) and value chain based aspects of Enterprise/Business aspects of Social Media. This is the "Elephant in the Ecosystem" - a huge arena, but hard to get your head around easily and see clearly. So, being us, we decided to put one on - and this is it! The aim of this event is to look at this unmentioned "Elephant in the Ecosystem" from lots of angles, so we may get a better view of what it is. So, what we thought we would talk about is how Social Media can be used by: - Enterprises: How can use it internally to re-engineer themselves, - Supply and Value Chains: How does it restructure a B2B value chain, which can be complex and global - How to create sustainable business value, not an easy to replicate one-off. Also, we want to touch on the Hard Stuff that is brushed under the carpet, for example:

  • how to integrate into existing heritage systems,
  • how to handle security issues,
  • whether a flat social network structure can work in a firm.
And that's before we start talking about potential Returns on Investment. The idea is to have a number of short talks from a variety of people with various angles on the subject, and a Q&A session - and then break for drinks and informal discussion. Speakers (and rough areas covered) are:
  • Dr Sue Black, University of Westminster
  • Benjamin Ellis, RedCatCo
  • Umair Haque, Havas Media Lab
  • Adriana Lukas, VRM Labs
  • Mat Morrison, The Magic Bean Laboratory
  • Euan Semple
  • Alan Patrick, Broadsight
  • David Terrar, D2C
  • Shefaly Yogendra
We will be adding details of what people will be talking about so watch this space. and check back here regularly.  That should get everyone's pulse racing - and to make it even better, we are going to Charge You Money - no FreeConomics here - to cover the costs for the tea, coffee, biscuits, nibbles and alcohol you will consume. It will be a tenner (£10), as you can see no expense has been spared :)

Booking for the Event So, do not delay - go over here and book now!

Any spare funds at the end of the night will be spent at the pub afterwards....