Why WordPress ISN'T A Good Choice For Your Website

Last month I did a guest article for Jemima Gibbons monthly newsletter on  Freshbusinessthinking.com about Social Media Monitoring and Analytics.  In that same newsletter Nikki Pilkington argued why WordPress is a good choice for your website.  I decided I wanted to argue, passionately, the opposite, and my article has just been published there this month.  Here is the BTZ version.  First I need to disclose that I'm a stakeholder in a particular CMS/Platform developer (author of WordFrame and PageTypes).  However, I'll try and explain my case as objectively as possible. 

The first thing to say is that Nikki's article starts with a vital, core truth - whether your website is created by you, some experts in your team, website developers you've hired or an external agency, it needs a content management system (CMS) at its heart.  You need to be in control of the content without needing technical expertise.  You shouldn't be paying an agency or a developer every time you want to change a word, add a page, or move a menu option.  But is WordPress the right CMS for your website?

It's a blogging tool, not a CMS
WordPress is great ...

Back blogging with a new look

Over the last few months I've been neglecting this blog.  I know I'm not the only blogger in that same boat - a lot of my blogging buddies have been doing less, although they've generally been Tweeting more.  However, the time has come to get back to blogging more regularly, and Business Two Zero needs new look  to revitalize it too.   

BTZ on BloggerI actually started on the Blogger platform back in October 2005.  At that m...